Are Horow Toilets Good?

HOROW stands as an all-encompassing, forward-thinking technological enterprise that seamlessly integrates product development, manufacturing, sales, and service.

From its inception, our unwavering dedication has been directed towards crafting kitchen and bathroom products of unparalleled quality.

But are Horow toilets good?

The simple answer is Yes, Horow Bath produces some of the greatest toilets on the market today. Their siphon flush mechanism offers a dual-choice system, delivering versatility and efficiency.

The comprehensive flush employs 1.6 gallons of water, ensuring robust cleaning performance, while the lighter flush utilizes just 1.1 gallons.

This design synergy not only guarantees a pristine bowl but also contributes to curbing water consumption, thereby reducing utility expenses.

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What Makes Horow Toilets Good?

Within Horow’s product spectrum, you will find an array of offerings: toilets, intelligent toilets, ceramic sinks, kitchen sinks, and more.

The brand’s steadfast commitment remains anchored in furnishing superlative products, an enduring pursuit that allows everyone to relish the profound beauty of their home life.

Facilitating the installation process, Horow toilets feature two generously-sized access points on the side. This well-thought-out design element simplifies the work of plumbers during the installation of this dual flush toilet.

Each package includes the toilet itself, a soft-closing toilet seat, a pre-installed flush valve, a high-quality wax ring, durable floor bolts, and comprehensive installation instructions.

With the flexibility to choose between two rough-in options—10″ and 12″—our toilet accommodates different bathroom configurations seamlessly.

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Positive Reviews:

  • Compact Design: Many users lauded the Horow toilet for its compact design, which made it an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or spaces with limited square footage. This feature was especially appreciated by those dealing with space constraints in their homes.
  • Installation Ease: Numerous customers found the installation process of the Horow toilet to be hassle-free. They noted that the toilet arrived with essential components already pre-installed, saving them time and effort during setup, especially during remodeling projects where efficiency was crucial.
  • Functional Excellence: Several reviewers commended the Horow toilet’s performance in terms of its flushing capability and overall functionality. It seems that the toilet met expectations for its core function, effectively disposing of waste with minimal issues reported.
  • Responsive Customer Service: A recurring theme in some reviews was the positive interaction with Horow’s customer service team. Users who encountered challenges or concerns mentioned that the brand’s customer support was responsive, engaging, and eager to assist in resolving issues that arose.

Negative Reviews:

  • Seat Quality Concerns: A common point of criticism was the quality of the toilet seat that accompanied the Horow toilet. Many users reported disappointment in the seat’s build, labeling it as flimsy and prone to breakage. This aspect negatively affected the overall perceived value of the toilet.
  • Uncomfortable Seat Design: A notable portion of negative feedback centered around discomfort related to the toilet seat design. Reviewers cited that the narrow and less ergonomically supportive seat did not offer the expected level of comfort, leading to dissatisfaction during usage.
  • Attachment Challenges: Some users expressed frustration with the attachment mechanism of the seat. Reports of the seat shifting or becoming loose during use were common, which not only affected comfort but also raised concerns about stability and safety.
  • Plastic Components Critique: A sentiment echoed across multiple reviews was the subpar quality of certain plastic components on the Horow toilet. Specifically, the seat and other elements constructed from plastic were criticized for their perceived lack of durability, casting doubt on the toilet’s overall longevity.
  • Customer Service Response Delays: In a few instances, customers mentioned difficulties in promptly receiving responses from Horow’s customer service team. Delays in addressing concerns left some customers feeling frustrated and unsupported in their attempts to resolve issues.
  • Inconvenience of Seat Replacement: Several reviewers found the inability to easily replace the toilet seat to be a significant drawback. Users expressed dismay at the thought of potentially needing to replace the entire toilet due to a poorly designed seat, which they deemed both costly and unnecessary.


The reviews for the Horow toilet paint a mixed picture of customer experiences. While the toilet’s compact design and functional performance received praise for addressing space constraints and effectively fulfilling its primary purpose, dissatisfaction primarily stemmed from issues related to the toilet seat.

Users voiced concerns about the seat’s inadequate quality, discomfort, attachment challenges, and the reliance on plastic components. Despite these challenges, some customers appreciated Horow’s customer service responsiveness and willingness to address seat-related issues.

As customers evaluate the Horow toilet, they are advised to consider both the positive aspects and the identified limitations to make an informed decision based on their individual preferences and requirements.

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