How to Hide a Plunger and Toilet Brush with Style

There’s something immensely satisfying about stepping into a meticulously organized bathroom – the clean lines, the neatly folded towels, the soothing ambiance. But then, reality strikes when your eyes land on two rather unglamorous essentials: the plunger and the toilet brush. It’s a universal predicament – how do you maintain the aesthetic charm of your bathroom while keeping these necessities accessible yet discreet?

Hiding a plunger and toilet brush can help maintain a clean and clutter-free bathroom. Some easy tricks to conceal them include using hidden cabinets and shelves, decorative baskets or bins, under-sink solutions, wall-mounted holders, and DIY concealments.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover the art of concealing the essentials with panache!

Choosing the Right Concealment Method

Before we dive into the plethora of creative solutions, let’s have a heart-to-heart about the critical first step – choosing the right concealment method. Your bathroom layout, available space, and personal preferences play vital roles in making this decision.

Consider your bathroom’s layout – is it cozy and compact or expansive and airy? This will influence the type of concealment solution you opt for. Next, take stock of the available space. Do you have a spacious vanity that can accommodate hidden compartments or a small corner that requires more ingenious solutions?

Lastly, let your personal style guide you. Concealing bathroom essentials shouldn’t be about compromising; it’s about seamlessly integrating functional solutions into your decor scheme.

Clever Ways To Hide Plunger and Toilet Brush

Below are some innovative ways to hide a plunger and toilet brush:

1. Hidden Cabinets or Shelves

Imagine this: with a gentle touch, a seemingly ordinary part of your bathroom wall magically transforms into a concealed cabinet, elegantly housing your plunger and toilet brush. Hidden cabinets are the unsung heroes of bathroom organization. Whether built into the wall or standing alone, these marvels of design offer a discreet haven for your essentials. Remember to prioritize proper ventilation – the last thing you want is trapped odors. Accessibility is key, so ensure that your concealed storage solution is as user-friendly as it is visually appealing.

2. Decorative Baskets or Bins

Why hide when you can showcase? Decorative baskets and bins are a brilliant fusion of form and function. Strategically placed near the toilet, they not only corral the essentials but also elevate the overall aesthetic. The secret lies in choosing baskets that effortlessly complement your bathroom’s design. From rustic woven options to sleek metallic ones, the possibilities are as diverse as your taste.

3. Under-Sink Solutions

Let’s explore the treasure trove beneath your sink – an often-neglected space that has immense potential. Imagine converting this area into an organized sanctuary for your plunger and toilet brush. Pull-out drawers, adjustable shelving, or even a combination of both can transform this underutilized space into a bastion of efficiency. Your bathroom essentials will be cleverly concealed yet always within arm’s reach, offering the best of both worlds.

4. Wall-Mounted Holders

Sometimes, the best way to tackle a challenge is to face it head-on. Wall-mounted holders or brackets are designed precisely for this purpose. These sturdy holders allow your plunger and toilet brush to be displayed proudly on your bathroom wall, ready to take on any task. Just remember, secure installation is crucial, ensuring that your essentials remain where they’re supposed to be – stylishly and securely concealed.

DIY Concealment Projects

Fabric Slipcovers

Let’s dive into the world of DIY creativity, where plunger and toilet brush become fashion statements. Imagine crafting fabric slipcovers that not only fulfill their utilitarian roles but also become decorative elements. With a little sewing prowess, you can transform your bathroom essentials into charming characters that blend seamlessly with your decor. Think of it as giving your plunger and brush a stylish makeover – functional art, if you will.

Customized Storage Boxes

Do you have old storage boxes gathering dust? It’s time to give them a new lease of life. Repurpose these boxes into personalized holders for your bathroom essentials. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about making a statement. Get your creative juices flowing – paint, decoupage, or embellish these boxes to match your bathroom’s theme. The result? Customized boxes that reflect your resourcefulness and unique style.

Floating Shelf with Curtain

Prepare to be amazed by this illusionary solution. Picture a floating shelf that elegantly hides the essentials behind a decorative curtain. This clever DIY project is a magician’s trick for your bathroom. With detailed measurements, easy installation instructions, and a curtain fabric that seamlessly blends with your decor, you’ll create a discreet yet charming storage space that leaves your guests intrigued and your bathroom clutter-free.

Maintaining Hygiene and Accessibility

As we journey through the world of concealed essentials, let’s not overlook the importance of hygiene and accessibility. These bathroom tools may be hidden from sight, but their role is essential. Regular cleaning and disinfection are paramount. Think of it as an oath to ensure that your bathroom maintains its serene atmosphere, free from any unwanted odors or germs.


When it comes to bathroom organization, the plunger and toilet brush may be the unsung heroes, but they’re integral components of your bathroom’s ecosystem. As you embark on this journey to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and efficiency, remember that style and function can indeed coexist harmoniously. Whether you choose hidden cabinets, decorative baskets, or embark on creative DIY projects, the options are as diverse as your taste.

So, dear reader, armed with newfound knowledge, venture forth and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary where style meets functionality. Embrace the challenge, and don’t shy away from customizing these solutions to your preferences and bathroom layout. The plunger and toilet brush may have once seemed like unsightly necessities, but now they are poised to become integral parts of your bathroom’s charm. With creativity, ingenuity, and a dash of flair, your bathroom will radiate a sense of tranquility, organization, and, above all, style.

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