How To Make The Bathroom Smell Good

How To Make The Bathroom Smell Good” offers concise tips for a fresh bathroom ambiance. From natural remedies to air-freshening products, discover effective strategies to eliminate odors and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

There’s a dinner party at your house, you spent hours making your house

Sparkle, and every corner of the house is a witness to the work you put in, to transform it from utter chaos and mess to a marvelous well kept home. 

But the bathroom! no matter how many cleaning rounds you have completed, the stinky smell that wants you to hold your breath is not going anyway.

Not anymore because below are some of the ways that spa-centers and 

5 start hotels use to make their bathrooms smell like heaven, and no matter how long you stay in there they won’t stink.

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1. Don’t Delay It, Clean Whenever You Can 

 Image Of Lady Is Cleaning The Bathroom

This is the most basic yet underrated way to eliminate that odor, One way you can ensure there are no bad odors coming from your bathroom is by preventing them in the first place. And the easiest way to prevent them is by regular cleaning, even if it is as simple as whipping the washbasin or giving the floor a quick mop.

Pro tip: Soak your bathmat in a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and a little bit of detergent for 15 minutes and give it a quick spin. They can be a sweet home for a lot of bacteria-producing that pungent smell.

2. Swipe Those Damp Towels With Dry And Clean Ones

These damp towels can shelter bacteria, algae, and other organic matter in the water which can be one of the biggest culprit behind gross smell.

Swap any damp towel with dry ones

Some of the ways you can prevent having damp towls in your bathroom are;

not letting your them pile up on the bathroom floor instead always spread them on the towel rail, 

And do not folding them if even they are slightly damp remember it is the dampening that causes the odor, washing them twice a week is what’s considered ideal.

Eliminating the sources that produce the odor is the first step when it comes to having a pleasant aroma in the washroom instead of a nasty smell.  

Pro tip: You can leave the exhaust on for some time to boost the drying process of the towels or turn on the fan 

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3. Don’t Forget To Ventilate

Bathroom Ventilate picture

Talking of eliminating odor, it’s important to get the fresh air flowing in after a warm bath. Remember that the bacteria and smell-producing elements that thrive in moist environments. And the best antidote for moisture is fresh air.

After taking a bath open the windows for 15-10min if you have any. Or just turn on the fan for the same amount of time. It will get rid of all the moisture ensuring a dry and clean atmosphere

4. Put A Moisture And Odor Absorber

Talking of eliminating odor, these small charcoal moisture absorbers do a great job. The charcoal in them absorbs the moisture keeping the air dry. They are cheap and you can easily find them in one of your local stores. 

Though they are not aesthetically pleasing but are a great way to get rid of bad smells in your washroom. You can place them behind the basket or above the vanity to hide them from sight.

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5. Use Aroma Diffuser

Image of Aroma Diffuser

Now that we have gotten rid of the smell-producing element, it’s time for the good part. Having a pleasant aroma coming from your washroom is one of the best feelings because if the most stinky place smells clean it means you have mastered the art of housekeeping.

A diffuser is a small device that releases scent into the air, and it does so  by using ultrasonics or compressing it into the air

These diffusers are not very heavy on the pocket and can add a sweet aroma to your bathroom.

Place them on the packer of your sink or any shelf, most of them are aesthetically pleasing as well.

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6. Have A Scent in your Bathroom

oilet Fragrances For Bathroom

The best way to ensure your bathroom smells rich and sweet is by placing a scent packet in it.

Scent packets are normally filled with fragranced beads or potpourri mixture.

If are someone who has kids. A scent packet is one of the best options for you.

They are small and portable so you can place them in different locations without worrying about finding a plug or spilling any essential oils as kids won’t give it a second thought before messing up with it out of curosity.

7. Use Soaps With Fragrance


Now is the time to treat yourself with your favorite fragrant body wash or soap. What is better than coming out of a long hot bath and the whole bathroom has a rose-like aroma coming out of it?

Using your favorite fragrant soap is like hitting two targets with one arrow. You will smell like roses and so does your washroom

You can have a similar effect with bubble baths and fragrant bath bombs.

8. Use A Detergent In Your Toilet Tank

Your toilet tank can be one the culprits behind a stinky bathroom.

However, you can get rid of this inevitable smell by placing a bit of fragranced launary detergent or fabric softener in the tank of your toilet.

Now when ever the toilet is flushed there will be scented water to battle the odor.

This i indeed a game changer when it comes to fighting the odor.

And the fragrenced water will keep giving the fragrance until the toilet is used again 

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9. Take out the trash 

A lady Is Taking Out The Bathroom trash

Sitting trash can even if it is not filled to the brim can be another culprit being a bad-smelling washroom.

But the good news is it is easy to empty the trash can.

Just don’t be lazy and wait till the trash is flowing out. 

Moreover, when you do take out the trash, place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the empty trash bin and bag. The oil will provide a pop of fresh scent whenever the can or bin is opened.

Try following these 9 tips next time you are struggling to fight bad odor.

Your friend might ask you how you keep your bathroom so clean and fresh

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