Round Toilet Seat Too Small
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Have you moved to a new house and found the round toilet seat too small? You have probably noticed this for some time but are just now figuring out how to change it. So, what will you do if the round toilet seat in your bathroom is too small?

Well, some house owners would have preferred to change their entire toilet to accommodate a giant toilet. But keep in mind that your toilet will not be able to accommodate a large seat if it is too small.

In this post, we have collected important information about regular and standard toilet seats that will help you decide  how to fix it.

Do All Toilet Seats Have A Standard Size?

If you have to replace your toilet seat because it’s too small or because it has been damaged, you may wonder if all toilet seats are manufactured in one standard size. But the answer is no.

Toilet seats come in many different sizes. Some toilet seats are more significant than others, which is why some toilet seats are different sizes. However, you cannot just order any toilet seat size and install it on any toilet.

So, is Your Round Toilet Seat Too Small?

Most homeowners choose to install a round toilet seat in their bathroom. Among the many reasons for installing a round toilet seat is because they are small and will fit in very small bathrooms. But keeping that aside, what if the round toilet is still too small for your bathroom?

Most round toilets have a length of 16.5 inches. That means that the toilet seat on a round toilet will be tiny. You may be able to fit a larger toilet seat on a round toilet, but it might not be enough for your bathroom.

You may think about installing an elongated toilet bowl to replace your round toilet if the existing toilet is too small. Elongated toilets have a longer, more comfortable design that allows them to be used for longer. They have a length that can be measured from 18-19.5 inches. Of course, elongated toilets take up more space than round toilets. So, think about the space in your bathroom before installing an elongated toilet.

Here Are the Solutions If Your Round Toilet Seat Is Too Small

Being a slave to a toilet seat that is tiny can cause much pain. Please choose any toilet seat size that will fit in any toilet in your bathroom, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some homeowners prefer purchasing a custom toilet seat to installing a standard one. However, there are several things that you might do to make things work for you. These may include buying a different design of toilet or installing a different kind of toilet seat. Read on to dig deeper about what you can do if the round toilet seat in your house is too small.

1. Buy a Square-Shape Toilet

Some options for a round toilet allow you to use a larger toilet. For example, you can easily change the shape of a round toilet to accommodate a long bowl. Some people prefer round or elongated toilets, but there are some other popular toilet designs that you might need to look into. These include square toilets.

Square toilet seats are very modern and look great in any bathroom. Not to mention, they are more comfortable and convenient for big folks.

2. Install a Custom Toilet Seat

Some manufacturers now produce custom-made toilet seats that you can order from them if you have a very small toilet seat in your home. This will enable you to have much more control over the size of your toilet seat, but it will be expensive.

Some consumers cannot afford custom-made toilet seats because of the high costs involved. But that should not stop you! You can still think about buying them based on how important your toilet means to your home and the time you spend on its bowl.

3. Buy an Adjustable Toilet Seat

There are adjustable toilet models that can help fix your issue. These toilet seat designs can expand horizontally, allowing people of all sizes to sit more comfortably on it. Bigger people can fit on adjustable toilet seats more comfortably because they are wider.

Some manufacturers who produce adjustable toilet seats claim that these models can support people who weigh even 1,000 lbs. If you are obese or need a larger toilet for other reasons, it can be helpful to install an adjustable toilet.

Picking the Appropriate Size Toilet Seat

If your round toilet seat is tiny and you are not heavy-weight, you should consider whether it’s designed for adults. People purchase smaller toilet designs because they are more cost-efficient, but they fail to realize that they are designed for young people or kids.

If you recently moved into a new apartment or house, it is likely that the previous landlord or tenant did precisely that. If your toilet is designed for adults, the best way to determine what size toilet seat you require is to calculate its size. You can measure by placing a tape measure from the bolts which hold your toilet seat to the front of the toilet.

You may also measure from one side of your toilet bowl to its other side to obtain the width of the seat. If the seat is tiny, taking the measurements will help you decide how much bigger your toilet seat should be.

Round Vs. Elongated Toilets

When it reaches to choosing between round and elongated toilet bowls, homeowners get divided because of their specific reasons. Some say that round is better, others say that elongated is better. There are advantages to both toilet bowl types based on your preferences. What some people consider an advantage in a toilet may disadvantage someone else. It is important to know what style you want before you go shopping.

Most people prefer elongated toilets because they offer adults a much more comfortable experience. Using the toilet at a better angle for men means having more room where they need it most. Men appreciate the fact that there is a slope in the toilet bowl that lets users evade splashbacks. But they aren’t suitable for children under five. Some users find sitting on the elongated bowl challenging when they are very young. Not to mention, if you can’t sit well on the bowl, the poop might end up falling on the bowl’s front surface. That will bring the need for frequent cleaning of your toilet bowl.

The advantages of a round toilet typically have to relate to the size. A round toilet in your bathroom saves a lot of space in small bathrooms. It is possible to use round toilets with very little space (from the wall to the front of the toilet). Plus, children will have an easier time using a round toilet because they won’t have to climb up to the top. Some people think that because the toilet bowl is round, it flushes faster, but that is not easy to prove.

Regardless of using an elongated or round toilet, make sure that it is clean, and think about applying toilet drops to remove bad odors.


Can I put an oversized toilet seat in a round toilet?

If you get an extra-large toilet seat to fit on a round toilet, it will still work just fine, but it will look less attractive and make your toilet more uncomfortable.

Is it possible to raise my toilet?

Some people feel that their seat size is perfect, but the whole toilet is just too low. If this outlines your situation, you may want to understand whether you can raise your toilet a few inches or more.

There are many different ways you can make your toilet more comfortable. You can raise your toilet to about 24 inches by using a riser for the toilet, installing a frame for your toilet, or buying a toilet that is tall.

If you are very tall, buying a toilet base riser or purchasing a tall toilet is the right solution. They will work excellently. 

Some people want to raise their toilets to accommodate people who have special needs. In that case, you may want to consider a toilet frame because these have handles and arms that can help people who need to be supported while going to the bathroom. Toilet frames can help older people to stay upright and avoid falling from a higher level.

Wrap Up

Having to live with a round toilet seat that’s too small is stressful, but you don’t have to worry. There are plenty of things that you can do to fix this problem. We hope that one of the solutions discussed in this article will do the trick for you.

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