Who Makes Woodbridge Toilets, and Where are They Made?

Woodbridge Toilets: Learn about the makers and manufacturing locations behind these quality fixtures. Discover who makes Woodbridge toilets and where they’re produced. Gain insights into the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence embedded in each unit.

Woodbridge Bath is the company behind the popular Woodbridge brand of toilets. It has been manufacturing and distributing the best quality kitchen and bathroom products since 2005. Woodbridge Bath produces bathtubs, toilets, bidets, shower bases, wall panels, vanities, and faucets.

The company’s goal is to continue to provide the best quality products and innovate to meet the needs of customers. So, if you’ve been asking, who makes Woodbridge toilets, you’ve got the answer.

Woodbridge Bath manufactures toilets that look fantastic, and the company also makes other bathroom and kitchen products. Woodbridge commodes have become increasingly popular among online customers over the past few years.

Although Woodbridge Bath is not as well known as other top toilet manufacturers, the quality of its products is unquestionable. 

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Who Makes Woodbridge Toilets? 

Many online shoppers are familiar with the Woodbridge toilet brand. But who actually makes Woodbridge toilets, and where are they made? It is not unusual for you to spot a few incredible toilets manufactured by Woodbridge Bath, the company that manufactures Woodbridge toilets.

The brand is based in Cerritos, California, and it produces a wide range of products that include everything from kitchen appliances to bathroom fixtures. 

Although Woodbridge Bath was founded quite recently, it has managed to become a successful company in just a few years. The company’s toilet products are well-known among customers. These beautiful toilets are popular because they are affordable and they are of high quality. 

Where are Woodbridge Toilets Made? 

Woodbridge Bath’s headquarters are located in Cerritos, California, but not all of the company’s toilets are made in that city. Just like American Standard, Woodbridge Bath has several manufacturing facilities in China and Canada. However, Woodbridge Bath imports its ceramic products largely from China. 

Woodbridge Bath has multiple manufacturing facilities in China and North America, allowing it to reach its primary markets in Asia and North America quickly. In addition, the company is able to source workers more easily because of the different manufacturing facilities.

With major factories in China and Canada, the company is able to compete with big players in the lucrative bathroom fixtures market. 

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How Do Woodbridge Toilets Reach Customers?

Woodbridge Bath uses various strategies to ensure that its products reach its customers smoothly. Woodbridge Bath partners with online retailers to ensure that its products reach consumers quickly. Woodbridge Bath mainly partnered with Amazon and other e-commerce sites to reach more customers. 

You can easily view Woodbridge products on Amazon.com and even order the toilets via their website. More importantly, you can read the reviews of other customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Amazon lists the features and specifications that each Woodbridge toilet model has. 

Woodbridge Bath also uses a direct sales strategy to sell its products. The company sells directly to customers, thereby cutting out middlemen and reducing mark-up costs. Overall, Woodbridge Bath is able to provide high-quality products at a lower price than its competitors. 

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Why Purchase Woodbridge Toilets?

Woodbridge Bath distinguishes itself from other toilet manufacturers based on the high-quality and innovative design of its products. Woodbridge Toilets are targeted to different markets. Its eco-friendly toilets are particularly suitable for people who want to conserve water.

It is worth noting that eco-friendly toilets use fewer gallons of water per flush than other toilets. Woodbridge Bath makes toilets with the highest specification for luxury consumers.

Additionally, Woodbridge commodes are sophisticated and feature numerous technologies that help users feel comfortable and enjoy greater convenience. 

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