The roots of the Amish people are traced back to the Mennonite community. They are believed to be very religious people who prefer using traditional buckets and outhouses as alternatives to modern toilets with functional plumbing systems.

While that doesn’t mean that those of us who prefer using bathrooms are not religious enough, the Amish surprisingly believe this is how people should live.

But do Amish use toilet paper?

The use of toilet paper among the Amish can vary, as practices differ among different Amish communities and individuals.

Traditional Amish communities tend to live a more simplistic and self-sustaining lifestyle and may not use modern conveniences like toilet paper. Instead, they may use alternatives like corn cobs, leaves, or water for cleansing.

However, some Amish individuals and communities have adapted to certain modern practices, including the use of toilet paper. The choice to use or not use toilet paper is a matter of personal and community preference within the Amish culture.

This article will help you learn more about this interesting community and how they use buckets in place of toilets and toilet paper rolls.

How Do Amish People Go to the Bathroom?

When Amish people finish their business, they put all their excrement in buckets. The waste in buckets can be recycled by mixing it with lime and adding manure.

Then, they spread it on their farms. Amish people say their religious system rules everything, but many state and county officials have tried to condemn such acts and prosecute them. 

However, the Amish say that it should not be illegal because it is an integral part of their lifestyle and how they worship God.

Lawyers who argue the illegality of the practice claim that, ironically, factory farms rearing thousands of cattle and capable of producing tons of manure still need human waste for their farms. However, there haven’t been serious objections from local officials.

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Brief History of the Amish People

Amish history is very interesting.

It is important that you know a bit about the history of the Amish people when trying to figure out why they don’t use toilet paper rolls to finish their bathroom business.

The Amish were refugees from persecution that existed in Europe in the 17th century for their Anabaptist faith. Amish people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are part of the oldest and largest community in the United States.

They number about 30,000. Amish families have increased in number significantly in the past two centuries. 

Amish people are part of the Mennonite community. Anabaptists argued that only those who believed in God should be baptized and remain completely isolated from the rest of society.

That is why most of the things they do naturally seem weird and extent extraordinary to many modern societies. Menno Simons, a priest from Holland who was converted to Anabaptism when he was a young man, was one of the founders of this movement.

amish people lifestyle

Living the Amish Lifestyle

Amish believe that their houses are holy. It is in the houses that children are born, raised, and taught to know how to pray.

There are many religious services held in the houses of Amish families. People gather there regularly during the year to worship.

Therefore, having and using a toilet inside the house may seem somewhat despicable according to their religion. And, among other beliefs, using toilet paper is going against their religion.

Interestingly, some of their homes are bigger and have more modern conveniences. Amish people are famous for wearing simple clothes that they make themselves. This is because they are not conformists. 

Boys in Amish homes wear hats that are bigger than their heads, dark uniforms that have no buttons, straight-fitted coats that are completely without pockets, and always wear black socks and shoes.

Their life is very special, and they live in strong united families.

Other Dos And Don’ts In The Amish Community

Visiting the Amish community is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation excursions you can plan. Be sure to stop and admire the beautiful countryside and a local restaurant. Or grab a bite of fresh food at a roadside stand.

Stay the night at a quaint bed and breakfast in an area where the Amish live peacefully. You should not disturb Amish people by asking them for their permission to go where you want to go. 

Some of them live in a big fancy house where interpreters come in to talk about their culture. There are many real Amish people in our communities nowadays who are just getting by. Being courteous to them and respecting their existence is very critical.

Always observe the basic rules of good manners in mind when you interact with them. 

If an Amish family is in a town square or any urban setup, they are probably going to do some shopping or stop by a local bank just like you would do with your family. Do not speed up and stop to help them if they are passing by.

Give them room when you are passing them or if you are following them. Be extremely cautious when using your headlights. 

amish people

Always stay on the low beam. It is important that you are respectful when you approach Amish homes and farms, especially if you are driving within their surroundings.

Honking too hard can frighten their horses and might be deemed as being rude or disrespectful. Give Amish people the benefit of the doubt and be prepared for anything. 

Do not be afraid to stop at a local Amish home if you see a sign in the yard encouraging you to stop. Many homes in the area will also offer to sell you fresh produce and other items for sale.

This is very ordinary in their villages because Amish people often offer to sell their crafts, baked goods, or sell their groceries to passersby. Never should you enter a man’s home uninvited.

If a property has no sign that says, “No Trespassing” (or something like that), it does not mean that any visitor can just enter! 

Additionally, Amish people don’t welcome the idea of foreigners taking pictures or shooting videos randomly when visiting.

If you take photos of your friends in their villages or if you just want to take a photo of the countryside while you are driving by, that is fine. Just be careful and be courteous.

When you feel that you are unable to take a photo of someone you interact with, ask them first if they will allow you to take a photo of them. 

You should avoid speaking with the Amish unless they seem open to having visitors. If you have to speak to an Amish group, try to speak to a male if you can.

If your intention is to visit the Amish or learn more about their culture, it is best to visit an Amish-owned business and speak with the shopkeepers.

Do Amish Use Toilet Papers – The Conclusion

Now that you know more about the Amish people than before, don’t be quick to judge them if one of them resents the use of toilet paper. Nonetheless, using a toilet with a functional plumbing system is a safe way to finish your bathroom business hygienically.

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