Where to put toilet paper holder in small bathroom

Toilet Paper Holder in Small Bathroom: In compact spaces, a thoughtfully placed toilet paper holder is essential.

Opt for space-saving wall-mounted designs, maximizing floor space. Choose sleek finishes for a modern touch.

At times it can be frustrating when you can’t find a perfect spot to place the toilet paper holder in your bathroom.

When done with nature’s call you’ll be struggling to reach out for it, stretching your arm as far as possible and awkwardly leaning to get hold of it.

But your efforts have gone in vain, because of the bad placement of the toilet paper holder.

Sitting there you might wonder how such a simple task can become so difficult due to poor placement of the tissue roll.

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Here are 7 places you can consider to place the toilet paper roll.

1. Consider buying a free-standing toilet paper stand 

Small bathroom space should not be a restriction in finding a perfect place to place the toilet.

A free-standing toilet paper is a good solution when it comes to having the toilet paper in reach when needed it can easily fit in limited space and is also helpful for people having mobility issues. The position of the sand can be adjusted according to the need.

It is a plug-and-play solution, unlike wall-mounted other solutions it does not require any drilling into your fancy bathroom walls.

Some of the stands have the option for storing extra toilet paper rolls at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper rolls.

But when buying the stands keep in mind that some of them are lightweight and are prone to tipping over. Go for the ones that offer a heavy base they don’t tip over if you accidentally got bump into them 

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2. On Vanity or near sink

The good part of having a small bathroom is that all the components are close to each other, toilet seat, sink, vanity, and bathtub.

You can take advantage of it. Try placing the paper roll on the front of the vanity or the side of it. Whichever side is more accessible to you.

You can also consider placing it in a closet or a shelf if there are any nearby.

Having a shelf installed in your bathroom is a great investment. Though it will require a bit of drilling into the wall but it is a one-time mess.You can have a lot of extra storage and play with it as you like, place an artificial plant for the aesthetics tissue roll towel, etc. 

It will decrease the clutter in the bathroom. This is even more important when you have limited space because otherwise, it will be a complete mess and one tiny object is enough to topple you off when you are in a hurry and there is not enough room for mistakes.

3. On top of your toilet

 toilet paper holder On top of your toilet

If you are a big fan of your bathroom tiles and do not want them to be drilled you can utilize the above free space of the toilet tank, considering we have limited space available and you don’t want to be a part of any installation hassle.

This method is especially recommended when we have space that is very limited.

Moreover, this particular idea is renter-friendly too.

If you are a digital nomad who does not have any designated working space and is always traveling 

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4. On the backdoor of the bathroom

Another advantage of having a small bathroom is that the door will most likely be within arm’s reach. And you don’t need to drill a holder into it. You can buy sticky hooks that can be attached to the back of the door. All you have to do is peel the sticker off and stick it on the back side of the door.

Make sure it doesn’t hinder the full movement of the door, and the hooks are thick enough to support the tissue rolls.

5. Mount it on the toilet tank

Toilet roll is Mount it on the toilet tank

If are not interested in drilling into the wall you opt for a toilet-mounted holder. This method is usually called an over-the-tank toilet paper holder.

Where the toilet paper holder is mounted or hung on the side of the toilet tank.

Once the holder is securely hung it can accommodate up to 3 toilet papers simultaneously.

These types of holders come in various sizes and shapes, and if you are cautious about the aesthetics of your bathroom this is one of the best options you can go for.

this way of placing the toilet paper holder is very handy and keeps the rolls at arm’s length so there is no awkward leaning while it also keeps them off the floor to prevent them from getting wet or moist

6. Use baskets


Using a basket to store tissue rolls is a great idea. It will provide ample space to store multiple toilet papers. Plus you don’t need to be hard on the walls of your well-decorated bathroom.

Make sure the basket is waterproof. So it does not soak up the water if there is any spillage.

Having an aesthetically pleasing basket can enhance the beauty of your washroom.

But it may add points to your bathroom’s aesthetic, however, it is not a practical and standard way to store toilet paper. Because then you have to use both of your hands to roll out a sheet of toilet paper.

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7. On the wall

 Toilet Paper Roll On the wall picture

So if you are fine with letting the hotels drill in your washroom tiles then this is by far the most effective and practical way to place a toilet holder.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) provides guidelines and recommendations for the position of a toilet paper holder in a bathroom.

The holder should be positioned 8 inches to 12 inches in front of the edge of the toilet bowl and approximately 26 inches above the floor.

This is considered a standard placement of toilet paper on the wall for easy and comfortable use of toilet paper

In summary, there are multiple ways you can place the toilet paper holder where it is in your reach and dont have to scratch your arm awkwardly to get a hold of it and If you take NKBA guidelines as an example, then it says the toilet paper holder should be 26 inches (660mm) above the floor and 8 to 12 inches (200-300mm) distance from the front of the toilet.  

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