Sitting On The Toilet Backwards

Social media is a unique world made up of a wide range of fads, including how some people prefer sitting on the toilet seat! @AmyWoahh, a TikTok influencer, started one such craze that quickly got unbelievably viral.

She posted a video of herself snacking in the toilet while executing her business in the bathroom! She convinced millions that making a 180-degree turn and facing the flush while they poop, snacking, and watching their favorite shows was a thrilling experience.

Is sitting backward on the toilet a good idea or even acceptable? Let’s find out.

Why Do People Sit Backwards On Toilets?

Some folks poop while sitting backward on their toilet so they can do their business and have a snack simultaneously. It is Astonishment! To some people, it’s shocking that people actually sit backwards while they poop and snack concurrently.

But sitting on a toilet and pooping while seated backward is not a really good idea. In fact, it might sound disgusting to take a video of the act and post it on social media platforms.

Sitting backwards in your toilet while you poop isn’t that bad, but eating while you’re sitting down is pure craziness!

To make matters worse, imagine snacking’ while you smell something nasty (poop smell) in the bathroom. You may be surprised to learn that your toilet contains E. Coli, which is pathogenic that can harm your health.

But if you think that watching something interesting while sitting backward in your toilet is a great idea, go for it.

The internet has been awash with content on whether your poop is normal or not! But, there has never been a heated debate on how to properly sit while pooping in the toilet until the TikTok video was posted and became so viral. 

It’s critical to always ensure that everything you do in the toilet is comfortable for you and everyone else who uses the same bathroom. In fact, eating in the toilet while executing your toilet bowl business is not a hygienic act. Regardless of the level of neatness in your toilet, steer clear of such risky stunts.

Sitting On a Toilet Backwards and Watching A Entertaining Video

Is There A Wrong Way To Sit On The Toilet?

It’s normal for people to sit comfortably while using the toilet, much like they would sit in a comfy chair. This means you are bending your hips at an angle that does not hurt your upper body parts. But health experts say that sitting at a 90-degree angle to your body can be very harmful. 

They claim that it is dangerous because if you lean forward at that angle, you are causing pressure on your bowels! It is like creating a barrier that seals off your intestines.

Some people lean back or lean heavily while they poop, thinking that doing that will force their intestines to work harder. But that is not true.

Some people believe that moving their bodies forward puts more pressure on their bowels, causing them to excrete more waste. But when you bend forward, it can cause intestinal obstruction.

Correct Way Of Sitting On a Toilet (35 Degree Squat Poison)

Can You Use The Toilet Backwards?

While the answer to this question is primarily dependent on personal preference, it’s important that you’re aware of the ideal toilet sitting position.

Even if you choose to sit back the next time you visit the bathroom, you must know the right way of handling your business in the bathroom. This is especially true if you’re using a public toilet in the city or when on vacation.

Sitting comfortably allows a stool to pass comfortably. It’s also known as the “35-degree squat poison”. Most people feel and assume that sitting on the toilet seat at a 90-degrees angle is the ideal position.

Nevertheless, if your legs and knees are bent to 90 degrees to the abdomen, you will pinch your rectal canal, making bowel movement extremely uncomfortable. 

Sitting On a Toilet Backwards Knees Angled At 45 Degrees

Squat positions your knees at a 45-degree angle to your abdomen, allowing your bowels to move easily. It relaxes your sphincter and positions your body so that your muscles and organs can work more effectively.

It allows you to be more relaxed by directing the air you breathe into your body’s organs. If you’re a woman who uses the West-style toilet, it’ll be easy for you to squat down and position your legs comfortably, so you can feel more comfortable. It also allows you to control your bladder better.

If you are using a toilet that is designed as a West-style commode, you may not be able to get it re-constructed. Fortunately, you can use a squat stool to help you sit comfortably that you’ll place in front of your unit to have a good hip angle of 35 degrees comfortably.

It will enable you to sit and relax comfortably while you poop and avoid any pains or other possible problems that are common with western-made commodes.

The Takeaway

The idea of sitting backwards on the toilet as you execute your business on the bowl while eating or watching your favorite movie seems ingenious.

However, the fact that you’ll be facing the toilet flusher and your food will come into contact with the bathroom pathogens is unhygienic. If you contract E.

coli bacteria, you’ll develop serious gut problems that might call for costly medical attention. Remember, the proper toilet sitting position aids the relaxation of your sphincter muscles to make the process more relaxing and efficient.

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