Is Eating On The Toilet Wrong?

Is Eating On The Toilet Wrong? Many people wonder about the etiquette and hygiene implications of consuming food while using the restroom. It’s a debated topic that raises questions about cleanliness, health risks, and social norms.

Eating or chewing on something while sitting on the toilet is considered inappropriate. Although eating your lunch off a toilet seat may seem convenient and time-saving, it exposes you to a myriad of germs.

Regardless of whether the surfaces of your toilet seats are properly sanitized and disinfected, eating while sitting on the toilet is not generally healthy!

Is it Okay to Eat On the Toilet?

Some people think eating food while sitting on the toilet seat is unorthodox at best and unsanitary at worst. Eating a meal while sitting on your toilet is not as easy or comfortable.

When eating food that you must hold with both hands, you are compromising your ability to perform other tasks, such as flushing the toilet.

Some people prefer to eat foods that they can hold easily in one hand while using the toilet. Some of the foods that you can eat while holding them in one hand include apples, chocolate bars, cupcakes, and biscuits.

In addition, many people take their favorite kinds of drinks while they sit on the toilet.

These include energy drinks, sweet teas, and coffee. Regardless of the kind of food or drink you’re holding, it’s not okay to eat while sitting on the toilet.

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Why You Shouldn’t Eat While Sitting On the Toilet

Do not eat or drink anything while using a public or private toilet. If you are sitting in a public toilet, you may experience a foul smell as you eat and drink, which is disgusting and unhygienic.

Many surfaces on your toilet, such as the handles of the doors and the levers that let you flush the toilet, are full of pathogens. Therefore, you should avoid eating or drinking anything while sitting on a toilet seat. 

If you accidentally touch these surfaces and then your food, you are exposing yourself to various pathogens.

Moreover, you can become infected because the liquid or solid human waste may contain poisonous germs. For instance, eating in the bathroom exposes you to small worms that are abundant in these areas and increases your risk of contracting ascariasis.

Eating or drinking while sitting on a toilet seat is not hygienic as it’s distractive. You need to concentrate fully on the task at hand to achieve faster bowel movements and perhaps get back to your desk much faster to have a comfortable lunch.

In general, if you ever eat or drink in a bathroom, you are exposing yourself to various diseases.

Why Do People Eat On The Toilet?

Although some people believe that eating while sitting on the toilet seat is wrong, there are certain situations in which doing so is perfectly acceptable.

Many people worldwide eat and drink while sitting on the toilet seats to save time. It’s like trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Some people like to eat a snack while sitting on the toilet because they are too hungry. It can help temporarily relieve you of your hunger.

Some children and adolescents eat while sitting on the toilet seat because they prefer eating alone. It’s a convenient way for teenagers to avoid having to sit with their parents and be lectured on certain issues they may have heard about their recent misbehaviors. 

Teenagers may choose to eat while sitting on a toilet seat to avoid following a specific diet plan. Using the toilet gives adolescents the space to indulge in their own fun.

Some people find it difficult to wait until they are done with their bathroom business before they can eat comfortably and go to bed because they’re often too tired from work.

Interestingly, some people believe that nibbling on a snack while sitting on the toilet makes them feel more relaxed and that they will be able to eat a full meal later on. 

Weirdly, others eat while sitting in the bathroom just for fun. Some people become habitual of eating while sitting on the toilet. They eventually become addicted to chewing on a particular type of snack every time they visit the bathroom.

Lastly, if you are a social media enthusiast, you have probably seen several videos of people sitting on the toilet while eating.

Such videos frequently cause controversy amongst social media users. While such videos draw mixed reactions from social media users, some users get tempted to try the action.

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Final Thoughts

Eating while sitting on the toilet may present health and ethical concerns. People who often eat while sitting on the toilet claim to be time-pressed and thus find an opportunity to multitask.

However, others consider this habit extremely inappropriate and gross. Eating in the bathroom generally predisposes you to dangerous pathogens and is very unhygienic.

Whether you don’t have enough time to eat from your desk due to work-related commitments or not, this is not a good habit to embrace.

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