Girls together in the Bathroom Together

Why do girls go to the bathroom together? 

This must be an intuitive question for those who obviously are not girls or don’t have any prior experience accompanying them to the bathroom.

No worries because now this long awaited question of yours is going to be settled for once and for all.

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Here are some of the most common reasons why girls go to the bathroom together

1. For That Lipstick Obviously 

girls are applying lipstick inside the bathroom

After all why are such huge mirrors installed on the walls,you guessed it right for the girls to re do their make up.

Those big mirrors are the magnets they get attracted to after every couple of hours,then be it in malls,cinemas or any other such place.

But why can’t they just go alone or one by one why in groups?

A reasonable question,this is  because once they are done redoing their makeup,and re fluff their hair they need reassurance from their friends that yes they are really slaying that look.

A thumbs up from their buddy goes a long way; it gives them a boost of confidence so they can go out there and be a sparkle once again.

2. For Safety Concerns 

Revamping their look may not always be the case,most of the girls don’t feel comfortable going to the washroom alone and especially if it’s an unknown place,because you never know who’s in there.

Having a friend by their side can reassure them that  someone has gotten their back.

So each of them can use the toilet with peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong, they are not left alone to deal with it.

3. Killing Time In Style 

girls together in the bathroom

Oftentimes the queues outside the girls bathroom can be long,so much that they might have to wait for 15 minutes to actually use the toilet,and what’s a better way to use that time other than for some gossip,going together can turn a gruelling waiting queue into a more enjoyable experience.

4. Making Unbreakable Bonds 

This is quite similar to having a friend by your side in a queue but sometimes it’s more than just having someone to talk to while waiting for your turn.

There are a plethora of topics that girls don’t want to discuss in the presence of their male friends, be it relationships, future plans,guys or life in general.

This will avoid confrontation as some topics are NSFM (Not safe for males) and may create unnecessary awkwardness.

This is the time when they can talk about whatever they want without having to worry about what their male friends might think about it and in some cases even girls as there is always some backstabbing and snide comments flying around.

One weird reason can be that girls do not want to leave their ‘friends’ alone even in the bathroom because they may spill any of their secrets.

That’s why they say

 .          “Choose your friends wisely”.

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5. No One Misses Out 

An interesting conversation was going on and suddenly you had the urge to use the bathroom and when you came back the conversation was over or the group had changed the topic and now you’re begging to retell the parts of conversation that you missed.

If you are a girl then you must have experienced this,to avoid this annoying situation 2 or 3 girls go to the bathroom together so the conversation will usually pause.

This is a good etiquette to follow so no one is missing out on any parts of the conversation.

6. Assistance Required For A Complex Outfit

There is always that one girl who needs help with her outfit then be it getting into it or getting out of it,her girl partner would help her zip/unzip the back,help tie her scarf or just zip her tight shoes because she can’t bend while wearing the tight jeans.

Guys in this matter are quite lucky that they can wear loose jeans and ones that have flybutton or zips.

The one minute bathroom break can turn into a 30 minute outfit examination.\

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7. Guy Conversations Can Be Boring 

In a group environment sometimes male conversations can become a bit overpowering and boring.

Especially if it is about stuff like sport, cars,finances or their latest shenanigans.

Surprisingly girls are not interested in such talks so they may pay a visit to the bathroom every now and then and have conversations on the topics they are interested in.

By doing this they avoid inter-gender arguments, which of course, guys can never win, keeping the overall atmosphere of the environment cool. 

These were some of the reasons we came up with after digging into the question,why do the girls go to the bathroom together.

There is a possibility that you are a girl reading this and never went to the bathroom together for any of these reasons,it may be something at the moment we don’t know, or maybe something more secretive in nature.

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